About the Fil+ Leaderboard

Avg. TTDAverage time to DataCap for standard allocations.
Avg. LDN TTDAverage time to DataCap for allocations in the Large Dataset Notary program.
NameName of the Notary.
OrganizationOrganization the Notary is affiliated with.
Address IDAddress ID of the Notary.
Address KeyAddress key (also called robust address) of the Notary.
RegionRegion of the Notary.
ClientsTotal number of unique clients the Notary has allocated DataCap.
DataCap TotalThe total amount of DataCap the Notary has, regardless of status (available or allocated).
DataCap AvailableThe total amount of DataCap available to use.
DataCap AllocatedThe total amount of DataCap already allocated/used.

Formulas & Calculations
Avg. TTDWe run all allocations from the Notary through (approval message on-chain timestamp - GitHub issue created timestamp), then sum the results and divide by the number of allocations.
Avg. LDN TTDWe currently use InterPlanetary One's API to get the LDN TTD information directly.